Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2011 Canadian Nationals - MD & XD Quarter-finals

Round of 16s and Quarter-finals were on the same day, so after the R16s, I just waited about 5 hours for my QFs because I didn't want to take a taxi back to the hotel. Instead I bought food and a coffee =P Anyway, my first QF was against veterans Kyle Hunter (also Executive Director of Badminton Canada) with Saj Malik, a former coach from Ontario. As Kyle Hunter made the 2009 Canadian Nationals final, we had to be a little careful at the start to make sure we don't fall behind. We tried to move them around the court and it worked for the most part, but Kyle had some spectacular saves in both games. Be sure to check those out!

For the Mixed, it was also a little nerve-racking as the team was quite the dark horse for the tournament. Val Loker represented Canada in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, while Kevin Cao was a former Chinese World Jr. competitor. They came out and beat Martin Guiffre and Fiona McKee in the first round, then defeated the 5/8 seeds from Quebec after. So going into the match, we had to be quite cautious. Check it out below!

Draws: [2011 Canadian Nationals - Draws]

YouTube Links:
MD QF: Jon Vandervet/Toby Ng vs. Kyle Hunter/Saj Malik
Game 1

Game 2

XD QF: Toby Ng/Grace Gao vs. Kevin Cao/Valerie Loker
Game 1

Game 2

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