Monday, February 21, 2011

2011 Canadian Nationals - XD SF & MD SF (incomplete)

The day of the semi-finals began with the Mixed, followed by Singles, then Doubles because Michelle Li, again, was in 3 semi-finals. Grace and I were up against Derrick and Phyllis and although we had won twice before, both times we went to 3 games so we had to be cautious. Fortunately, things went well and we finished the match a lot sooner than we expected. Men's Doubles was another story though, as we had a rematch against Brian Prevoe and Nyl Yakura (from the 2011 Ontario Elite Series, about two weeks before). We started off quite well, but we let up and they came back and won the first game. Because we lost the first game, we had to force it into three and at the end of the day, the camcorder battery was the first to go, so I'm missing the last part of the 3rd set. I don't recall anything too exciting though at the end, we simply got a few quick points and kept the lead until the end. Oh well, you can see for yourselves =)

Draws: [Tournament Software]

YouTube Links:
XD SF: Ng/Gao vs. Ng/Chan
Game 1

Game 2

MD SF: Vandervet/Ng vs. Prevoe/Yakura
Game 1 (Pt 1)

Game 1 (Pt 2) & Game 2 (Pt 1)

Game 2 (Pt 2)

Game 3 (incomplete)

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