Saturday, March 5, 2011

2011 Canadian Nationals - XD & MF - Finals

Sorry for the delay, but it was a lot trickier uploading the finals as I filmed it in 720p HD. Although I know my brother has already uploaded the MD Final, I wanted to see if there was any major difference after converting my high definition file. I don't think there's much difference though, oh well... anyway, both matches were played on the same day, Sunday morning on January 30th at Humber College. Mixed was first and Grace and I were up against Phillipe Charron and Florence Lavoie. This would be our second meeting, with us losing earlier in the season to them in the 2011 Prairie Elite Series final in three games. Actually, I just realized I played Adrian and Derrick in the MD Final for that tournament as well... hmmm...

The Mixed final started off a little rocky, with some nerves kicking in, but we were able to regain composure until near the end of the 3rd set. Wow, that didn't quite go the way I wanted, but I guess it worked out in the end. Better later than never! Unfortunately, I couldn't say the same for the Doubles final, as it seemed like a deja vu of the 3rd set of my Mixed final, except it didn't work out this time. Quite upsetting =\ After the first set, we couldn't come back as it felt Adrian and Derrick were playing even better and better, and since we already lost the first set, it felt inevitable. Congratulations to them though, as they are also our highest BWF ranked MD team! Haha me and Jon still have no World Ranking =P

Results: [Tournament Software - Jan 30th Matches]

YouTube Links:
XD F: Ng/Gao vs. Charron/Lavoie
Game 1 & 2 (Pt 1)

Game 2 (Pt 2) & 3 (Pt 1)

Game 3 (Pt 2)

MD F: Liu/Ng vs. Vandervet/Ng
Game 1

Game 2


  1. Toby, in the mixed final 3rd game, serving match point at 20-18 do you think you could have put in a service wide into the alley instead of the straight one?

  2. A different serve did cross my mind, but since it took so long to get that service back, I opted to serve straight and just wait for the opponent's reply. I don't think my serve was the greatest though, which probably allowed my opponent to hit a cross-court serve return, which is probably considered quite risky especially in Mixed because it leaves a lot more vulnerability to a counter. Also, since it was match point, I was anticipating a simpler return, either a drive at my body, or something straight on the same side (my BH side).

    Unfortunately, it just didn't work out this time =P The thing with using a different shot in a tight situation also means it may be lower percentage. Serving wide, I would need a perfect serve otherwise they can take advantage of the wide angles. Also, in a tight situation, nerves may play a factor, and also for my partner, if I decide last second to change it, then she wouldn't be ready either. It may have been a good strategy, but I couldn't say I would have executed it perfectly for sure.

    Hope that all makes sense!