Monday, April 11, 2011

2011 Alberta Series #7 - Provincials

This past weekend (April 8-10) was the Alberta Provincials, hosted by the Royal Glenora Club in Edmonton. I drove up after my morning training session on Friday as Men's Singles started that evening. It's about a 3 hour drive from Calgary to Edmonton, but the weather was nice for once, and it was a smooth, pleasant drive.

The tournament was pretty straight forward, although it was actually a little smaller than past Alberta Series tournaments. However, it was well organized and managed, as usual. Most draws were quite one sided, because I think the number one seed in each event won their respective event. However, the Men's Singles final between Hao Li and Dan Kai seemed to be the most intense. I've recorded 3 of my matches, so I've attached links to them below. Special thanks to Darwin Wan for coming out to watch my matches! Hope it was alright =) Also, I bumped into (and actually played against) my former Men's Doubles partner Will Milroy. Will was a former Canadian National Team member who specialized in Doubles and Mixed and took me under his wing for a year before he retired. I learned a great deal from traveling with him! Maybe I can see if I can dig up some old footage. Our most notable results would probably be the 2008 Pan Am Championship MD title, the 2009 Canadian National MD title, and making it into the Round of 32 at the 2009 World Championships in India =)

Anyway here are the matches. The first match was the MD final. I partnered Jon Vandervet again, but this time Dan Kai partnered with a junior, Andy Ko, as Alan Chow was away on a trip. The second set was more interesting. The next match was the MS semi-final. I don't think it's a great match, as rallies were really short and I don't remember very many highlights, if any. Finally, the last match of the tournament I recorded was the XD final. Grace and I played against Dan Kai and Takeisha Wang, another upcoming junior. Again, not the most exciting match, but I've put it up if you wanted to take a look. Enjoy!

Grace and I after winning our second Alberta Provincial Championships!

[Tournament Software - All Draws]

YouTube Links:
MD F: Jon Vandervet/Toby Ng vs. Dan Kai/Andy Ko
Game 1

Game 2

MS SF: Dan Kai vs. Toby Ng
Game 1

Game 2

XD F: Toby Ng/Grace Gao vs. Dan Kai/Takeisha Wang
Game 1

Game 2

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  1. wow your MD had quite a bit of catching up to do! but you guys did it! The junior, Andy Ko has really quick reaction and a good swing!

    Nice sleeveless =P but you looked even MORE skinnier!

    Otherwise, congrats on your wins =)