Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 Canadian National Championships Teaser Video

Here's a quick blog before I head off to Korea for the 2012 Korea Super Series Premier! I spent about 20 hours slaving over this video and I hope it works out in terms of the YouTube Copyright stuff because I used a song that isn't mine and is copyrighted. However, how else am I going to make a highlight video with cool music that isn't copyrighted? Maybe I will make a classical music parody if things don't work out...

Anyway, please do enjoy the video and share it with your friends, especially if they are Canadian! I made this video to promote the people in the video, the Yonex Canadian National Team athletes who are 2012 Olympic track, and also for people to make more badminton highlight videos! I would love to see badminton highlights more often and I'm sure I'm not the only one. So please enjoy the video :)

Lastly, because I used Street Fighter music, I also added some Street Fighter elements just for fun. See the video description for more details. I would also like to thank the people who created the music, as well as the people who took the pictures! Credits are at the end of the video, in addition to the end of this blog post!

[YouTube Link]



- "Street Fighter IV - Shop PV BGM" - Hideyuki Fukaswa

- Cheung Yu (2011 Hong Kong Super Series)
    [Badminton Central Facebook Page]  /  [Badminton Central Forums]

- Mohamed Ahsan  
(2011 Maldives International Challenge)
    [Maldives International Tournaments Facebook Page]

- Yves Lacroix
(Various - via Badminton Photo)
    [Badminton Photo Facebook Page]  /  [Badminton Photo]  /  [Badzine]

- Mike Ridewood
 (Canada Olympic Committee @ 2011 Pan American Games)
    [Canadian 2011 Pan American Games Website]

- Romy Young
    [Romy Young Photography Facebook Page]  /  [Romy Young Photography]

- Badminton Canada
(2011 Canadian National Championships)
    [Badminton Canada] / [Badminton Canada Facebook Page] / [Badminton Ontario]

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