Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2012 Summer

Wow, it's been a while, as things were piling up significantly ever since I left to train in Korea in May/June. I kept getting swamped about doing media things, studying, and miscellaneous stuff aside from my training, so I apologize for not writing blog updates as much as I used to. I don't really believe in the brief Facebook status on my Facebook Page, so that's probably why I still haven't signed up for Twitter. I'm all for one-liners, but usually they start trying to be too witty and then the humour isn't understood by everyone, or some people take offense to it... clearly, I've thought this through a few times :)

Well, let's highlight things from June, in point form. If you really want, you can pretend each point is a Twit :) (Edit: upon reading each supposed 'Twit', they start looking more like paragraphs... whoops)

- Trained for 3 weeks in June at the Won Kwang University, in Iksan, South Korea, under the guidance of both Kim Dong Moon, and head coach Choi Jung. I had the chance to train with the University Team there and I am very much grateful for all their help and assistance with their sparring, considering that it's just a men's team. Imagine having to play Doubles against a Mixed Team for 3 weeks. So... yeah, thank you everyone!

- Came back for a short week and then went to Los Angeles for the 2012 US Open Grand Prix Gold at the Orange County Badminton Club. Great tournament, not so great shopping this year (because I still have stuff I bought and haven't worn from the same tournament 6 years ago haha), but a good result overall, missing out on the finals by losing 21-19 in the third! However, to be honest, I'm just happy we made it out against Chinese Taipei in the Quarterfinal, coming back from a 16-20 deficit in the 3rd as well o__O All footage can be found on my YouTube Channel, featuring my matches and some other Canadian players, including Adrian Liu, Nyl Yakura, Christin Tsai, and Phyllis Chan.

- Canada Open was the week after, at the Richmond Oval. Thank you for all those who came out to support, and it was great having everyone cheering for us for once instead of it being the other way around usually :P Especially since I almost lost first round against the same Chinese Taipei team again, but miraculously, we came back and won in the 3rd set, from 16-20 again. However, it was a lot more close this time, but maybe because CBC - The National was filming. Maybe all our Olympic luck was wasted on these two matches against Chinese Taipei :P Pai Hsiao Ma did say to me, "20-16 I hate you!" but we got a photo together at the end, so we're cool now :P

Picture by Buzz Booth!
- After the Canada Open, we flew as a group to London for a pre-Olympic camp organized by Badminton Canada and some of Badminton England, working with Andy Wood (Nathan Robertson's coach) and other players in Derbyshire, including Donna Kellogg, Robin Middleton, and Heather Olver. It was kind of cool at first and everything, as we were to do an exhibition against Nathan Robertson and Gail Emms (2004 Olympic Silver Medalists in Mixed Doubles), but stuff started happening, people got sick, and my memory magically starts fading... now. But hold that thought, I would like to thank all the players, coaches, and support staff that took the time to help us out and making a nice trip to Derby, as it is a lovely town and really had nothing to do with that... sickness, which I now remember that I'm supposed to forget about...

- Finally, the last stretch, we made it into Wembley. We stayed there for the duration of the trip and didn't get a chance to live at the village for those who left early, me included. The village was very cool, so much stuff I really didn't get to see, but I had at least a chance to see a bit of it during Opening Ceremonies and on my last day in London in which I skipped out on an epic Men's Singles final. I was quite disappointed, because I thought they would play the match last, instead of the Men's Doubles last, but I was also hoping for a Korea vs. China Men's Doubles final, which I probably would have made it back to watch... maybe :P All in all, I got a chance to explore a little and took the Underground from Wembley Park to Statford, where the Olympic Park was. I don't really have too much else to say about my Olympic experience aside from everything already on my Facebook Page, but I would really like to thank all those who supported my journey and took the time to meet me or even post on my Facebook Page. I try to respond to everyone I can, because I don't feel like anyone special as I don't like to think of it that way. I'm just a guy motivated to do his own thing and I really do appreciate those who support me and I would like to thank you all for doing that :) The Olympics was exceptional and I'm proud to compete for Canada and I'm so grateful for getting to live in such a wonderful country. Final words for my Olympic experience... 'BRUUUUUUUUCE LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII' hahaha

So... What's next?
Well, at least for the summer, I am or I hope to be studying full-time for the MCAT (Medical College Acceptance Test) as my test date is on August 23rd, leaving not too much time left (16 days). Although I have covered most of the material, though I do need review in... most parts, it does feel pretty good as I don't know how many exams I've written and I've already covered all the material already hahahaha... well, guess it's a new chapter in life and I need to get back into school mode. Nothing beats getting into school mode that signing up for the MCAT. Don't try this at home.

As for Badminton, I'm not terribly sure, but I hope to play until August 2014. Two more years of this brilliant and stressful sport. I think I will stick to Mixed Doubles, as neither my reflexes or stamina will last me for Men's Doubles or especially Men's Singles, but be sure to see me in the odd tournament, attempting to play all 3, maybe matching up with my brother again. I'm not too sure what he's doing but all he wants me to do right now is yell out 'BONNY' and 'SKINETEX'... whatever that badminton equipment or sports tape you happen to come buy... err, I mean come by. I will definitely be doing some coaching again and you will soon be able to take lessons with me if you're in the Vancouver/Richmond area, most likely at ClearOne Badminton. However, don't fret just yet, I hope to work with Badminton BC and other Provincial Organizations when events come up, as I would definitely like to give back to all of Canada. Maybe even Pan America, hahahaha who knows where things will go? All I really know is I have 2 years left to play, so I'm really eyeing a 2014 Commonwealth Games medal, and who knows how far I will get in my final World Championships ;)

Thanks for visiting! Until next time :)

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