Sunday, September 2, 2012

A New Start?

Is it a new start, or just a long continuation of the life I left behind to train for the Olympics? It could be a bit of both, though it just depends how you look at things. I don't want to lump myself into a certain label of being a 'starter' or a 'finisher', as there are many things I have started and also many things I've finished. It's hard to consider that I'm very good at both things either, as I have failed in both tasks many times. However, one idea I learned from my NLP seminar was that it just depends how you look at things. For example, if you think you're good at starting, imagine yourself 'beginning to start you finish', or in the other perspective, 'finish the intro/beginning of your task'. If a psychological trick can help you out, by all means, go for it.

Looking at this upcoming year, I have apparently swamped myself with many things again. School, badminton, coaching, and anything else I have said 'yes' to. However, I am aware of this 'yes' trend which was not an issue when I had time, so things will have to change very soon. Unfortunately, outside my strict personal obligations, I will have to start declining many things, as I have to maximize the time I have to do what I need to do. I will be on an extremely tight schedule, with full time classes and badminton. Traveling to tournaments will be at a minimum, but coaching hours will probably feel about the same way, as I do need to make some kind of income. I don't really know what the fate of my blog will be, but I may tend to write on a more broad range of topics which I have been doing in the past little while. I hope to keep them interesting and at least semi-entertaining, but I guess only time will tell :P

I really hope to finish my degree this year and I probably will have to redo my MCAT at some point. I didn't feel very comfortable at the exam and it is one of my goals to 'defeat' it. With a biochemistry and genetics course this term, it should keep me suitably prepared, though I need to find some way of learning optics and maybe some harmonics. Physics is definitely not my forte.

For those of you purely interested in Badminton, I will most likely be competing at the 2012 Pan American Championships in Peru in October. Hope to take my 5th Pan American title, as well as help Canada win the team event. I took some time off training to rest and recover, though more as a mental break, but clearly, my mind is never resting and always spewing out thoughts. I will resume my training regimen tonight and hope to maintain my abilities while minimizing my injuries until October.

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  1. Even knowing you as a person, it's helpful and insightfully self-reflective when I read your blogs. Thanks for sharing, and busy as you are, I hope there is some regular communication still... :) I'm always here if you need a tutor as well! ;)