Monday, October 7, 2013


Sorry for the long hiatus. I've actually tried to blog every now and then, but I would give up because I couldn't get things up to a certain standard. Now that I finally have the time to continue, I found that the previous blog was too old and I would have to redo the whole thing, as I am doing now.

Things change, inevitably or not. I'm now out of my grandmother's house where I have been for probably a good 10 years, and my brother and dad had to move out as well. It was a bit sudden, but it was done. Looking back... it still sucks, but there's nothing to do but to accept things and move on. Fortunately, my coach had a room available for my brother and I, so we are both renting rooms from him. Much thanks to him and his wife for helping us out!

Time to say goodbye...
I have pretty much immersed myself in school and training for the past month, with an additional Strength & Conditioning exam I was studying for along with my 3 classes at UBC. I have 2 Nutrition courses and an interculturalism Kinesiology course, so they have been keeping me quite busy in addition to training badminton and strength training. I have taken a new interest in strength and conditioning, and I would like to say it's my newer obsession at the moment. With that said, I have given up all my Men's Singles aspirations, but I don't think that was ever going to get anywhere anyway :P Regardless, it's been pretty busy for the past while, as I didn't even have time to update this blog!

Visiting the UBC Badminton Club on Clubs Days @ UBC

Despite how things are going, I'm definitely ramping up things for the Pan Am Championships to come up in a few weeks, and I had the chance to play a couple of tournaments so far, including a local Provincial circuit tournament and a National circuit tournament in Quebec. The body is still feeling pretty solid, but with some new found knowledge in Strength & Conditioning, I have a long way to go to increase mobility in certain joints, but it will definitely be for the best. I'd like to keep this post short while I slowly get things back together, and I hope to update again soon! Thanks for visiting my blog and I appreciate all the continued support!

McDonald's coupons... what can I say? I'm cheap.
Men's Singles at the KHAS BC circuit tournament
I get fed birds at ClearOne, so now I'm feeding the ClearOne bird...
Nearby intersection of where I stayed in Montreal for the Quebec Elite Series
Practicing Interculturalism in Montreal
Impressive badminton collection at a store in Montreal
CMCC Orientation with Dr. Stuart Love speaking on management of sport injuries

Until next time!

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