Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 20 Highlights of 2013

Pretty much in chronological order...

1) Received the Diamond Jubilee medal for my participation at the 2012 Olympics at BC Sport Hall Of Fame.

2) Won a third consecutive XD National title with Grace Gao.

3) Peter Gade exhibition at ClearOne Browngate!

4) Won the UBC x ClearOne badminton tournament with my girlfriend, Carmen.

(Photo Credit: Carmen Fong)

5) Won the XD title in Peru with Grace Gao.

6) Somewhere in May, I abandoned my attempts at medical school, but started volunteering at Richmond Physiotherapy. I also took the FMS Combo course, which was a serious game changer in my career aspirations.

7) Participated in the BWF World Mixed Team Championships (AKA Sudirman Cup) in Malaysia for Canada.

(Photo Credit: Jessy Sung)

8) Played my first tournament with Alex Bruce at the Canadian International in Ottawa and made the finals.

9) Beat China in the round of 16 at Canada Open in Mixed; witnessed the Thai MD brawl live.

(Photo Credit: Joseph Yeung)
(Photo Credit: Joseph Yeung)

10) Coached a camp in Prince George and did an exhibition as well.

(Photo Credit: James Tran)

11) Got certified in CPR-C with AED from St. John Ambulance. This marks the first step toward writing the NSCA CSCS examination.

12) Went to Anime Revolution to see Jessica Nigri.

13) Moved out of a house I lived in for a good 10 to 12 years. Fortunately, I was able to find a room and rent from my coach, Darryl, and his wife, Michele. Ironically, my brother is also renting a room, so we still technically live together.

14) Wrote my CSCS exam.

15) Won a spree of tournaments, including the Quebec and Ontario Elite Series tournaments with Alex, the 2013 Pan Am Championships in Santo Domingo with Alex, and the 2013 USA International with guest partner Michelle Li. (Fun Fact: Won an international tournament with each of the 2012 Canadian Olympians this year!).

16) Graduated with a degree in Kinesiology from UBC. This marks the end of my first degree after 10 years. I also passed my CSCS exam, which gives me: B.Kin, CSCS after my name.

17) I wrote something else here, but I couldn't find a good picture, so I'm going to post about a $70 action figure instead. I wanted to buy it for a long time, so eventually I did (Play Arts Kai - Ibuki - Street Fighter IV).

18) Started training at Fortius Sport and Health, under Molly O’Brien. Re-enrolled for January!

(Notice the hex bar in the back of my car)

19) Went to Las Vegas for the first time with Carmen. Walked the strip and watched Penn and Teller!

20) Getting ready for 2014! It’s gonna be epic! As for New Year’s Resolutions? I think I may opt to make 10 changes, BUT… one per month (+2 months for extra slack). I heard somewhere (can’t confirm the source, so believe at your own risk) that accomplishing a single task may prove 80% effective, while 2 simultaneous tasks will drop success to 30%. Add a 3rd task will drop it to less than 1% success rate, so multi-task-resolution at your own risk!

(Photo Credit: Carmen Fong)


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