Tuesday, October 7, 2014

4 Elements of Badminton

I like to look at 4 elements to badminton, with each sub-section being just as important as another, but different. There may be temporary advantages in focusing attention to one, but with many things, we get diminishing returns. Think of it as a video game and you are trying to level up your stats. Each person will be different, especially if we throw in both environmental and genetic factors, so individuality becomes quite important, as no two players are exactly the same. I will make a better attempt to go into each one at length, but that will be for another day.

PHYSICAL: This is the Attack/Strength stat in most role playing games, or like any superhero that has any enhanced physical attribute, like Superman, the Hulk, Juggernaut, and I will even include the Flash and Spiderman, as speed and movement ability are included as well. If we include genetics, those with the right genes would have the ability to maximize this stat more than the other groups.

Juggernaut vs Hulk (via Google Images)

Marvel vs DC Comics (via Google Images)

TECHNICAL: This is not so much a stat in a role-playing game, but more or less acquiring new techniques to use. It would be more similar to acquiring special abilities to use instead of an overall stat. Superheroes that come to mind would be Batman, Ironman, or the Green Lantern as they would need accessories to assist them in their battles. Environmental factors are much heavier due to what is accessible in the area. For example, in Canada, living in the major badminton hubs in BC or Ontario would give greater accessibility, more diverse coaching, and better competition that most other places. Additionally, having resources (i.e. money) would help as well.

Ironman - Proton Cannon in Marvel Super Heroes (via Google Images)

Batman Arkham Origins (via Google Images)

TACTICAL: Again, I’m not too sure how this would be a stat, but it would be simply your choice of strategy. Take Pokemon, for instance, where each Pokemon type may have a weakness (e.g. grass Pokemon are weak to fire attacks). By taking advantage or particular strategies, no matter how simple or complicated, this element is highly glorified in movies because that’s usually how the hero wins in the end: they make a plan, they execute it, they win… most of the time. Practically all superheroes will resort to some kind of tactical plan, because that’s what happens near the end of almost every movie. They may not be successful at the beginning, but after a change of tactics, they succeed. Everyone is happy (except for the bad guys). I would attribute those at a genetic disadvantage to use more tactics because they do not have the same physical capacity as those who do.

Who would win? Batman or Superman? (via Google Images)

Batman looks less comfortable in Tennis. He should try badminton :P

MENTAL: This would be like the magic stat, but I suppose it depends how your look at this element. It can be very broad and it is different for everyone. I like to think of it as the magic stat, because most magic attacks also require MP (Mind/Magic Points). Once those are exhausted, then you cannot use those attacks anymore. I would attribute this to those with genetic and or environmental disadvantages, simply because the more one struggles, the better one gets at overcoming adversity. Those who do not struggle, do not understand the struggle. Most superheroes will encounter this as well, usually near the beginning or midpoint of the movie. Something bad happens, or they fail at something, and they spend a while struggling to continue. No matter how they pull through, they get back on their feet and usually it leads to an amazing plan (TACTICAL) which will lead to end of the movie when they win. 

If you have not watched The Amazing Spiderman 2, then watch the movie first! There is no better way to sum this up than Gwen Stacy's Graduation Speech for The Amazing Spiderman 2 (click for link). Well, maybe that and Eminem's "8 Mile". I know there are mixed reviews about both movies, but ultimately, I go by the way they make me feel after. It always gives me a bit of hope :)


  1. Superman would win. He doesn't even need to be up close to fight Batman like that. He could use his heat vision from a mile up in the sky, or he could just drop an aircraft carrier on him.

    Oh nice article too, LOL

  2. I would totally agree. But let's see how that Superman vs Batman movie goes. I don't know why they would be fighting in the first place haha.